Stephanie Katcher

Stephanie Katcher

From a small town with a big heart, Stephanie embodies the altruism any client would be lucky to welcome into the buying and selling practice of real estate. As a leader in sales and customer success for over a decade, her passion for understanding others offers an authentic approach to "home" and what it takes to foster meaningful spaces.
Stephanie believes in the adventure of finding what’s underneath the surface for her clients. Growing up in a large family she understands the nuances of individuals and the needs that can be challenging to accommodate. Her empathetic approach to all walks of life make her the ideal fit for an entire ecosystem of clients. She is a powerful advocate and expert negotiator actively taking the necessary steps to ensure the process of buying or selling a home is seamless and stress-free even amidst the chaos of daily life. 
When she isn’t strategizing for clients, Stephanie is spending time with her husband Josh, their son Oliver, and their dogs, Dax and Mo. They love to travel, and are always looking for new parts of the world to explore together. Whether in Colorado, Iowa, Costa Rica, or Europe, Stephanie provides a roadmap for finding your perfect home.

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